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Client Testimonials

“I feel that our intensive session improved my relationship with my daughter significantly. I gained insights about myself and was particularly impressed with the therapists’ ability to confront the truth in a non threatening way. I valued the exploration of family of origin and the interesting patterns in our lives today.”  – L.

“Working with you and the counselors at Adventure Counseling has taught me how to have open communication & dialogue with my wife
and daughter. I am learning to be caring and supportive rather than commanding. Our daughter appears to have a new understanding
of her responsibility and our family communications have improved positively. I am getting separate counseling now to get deeper
into my own issues.”  – G.

“I appreciate you very much and I can’t ever repay you for the help that you have given me. I’m learning to accept my mom and things are pretty resolved between us… I have learned pretty well how to cope, thanks to you especially. I just need to learn how to cope differently. Thanks for everything.” – M.H.

“Our intensive experience was intense and difficult. It was helpful and painful to hear my child’s perspective of me, and see how my assumptions and controlling behaviors contribute to our struggles. You and your colleagues were able to get us interacting in personally revealing manner and challenging my ability to not react.”  – M.W.

“I appreciate your thoughtfulness in seeking a solution to the challenges of our family dynamics. I feel you’ve always given more to us than you’ve received in return. This whole endeavor has been a leap of faith, and a considerable investment in well-being and state of mind. Since my very first phone call to you, I’ve tried to demonstrate that I will do just about anything to help my daughter, including an honest examination of my own issues and how they affect her.  I will continue…  Thank you,”  – L.L.